Collection: Hauptwerk Sample Sets

Hauptwerk is a software application designed to bring the experience of playing a pipe organ to the digital realm. It is used by professional organists, hobbyists, and educational institutions to simulate the sound and feel of a real pipe organ. Hauptwerk does this by using high-quality audio samples of actual real-life pipe organs, which are then played back in real-time as the user interacts with a MIDI keyboard or other input device.

A Hauptwerk sample set refers to one single collection of these high-quality audio samples, which are usually meticulously recorded from one single actual pipe organ. Sample sets are often created by third-party developers and can be loaded into the Hauptwerk software to simulate different types of organs. Each sample set typically includes a wide range of stops, ranks, and other features that are characteristic of the specific organ. This allows the user to customize the organ's sound in a highly detailed manner, from selecting individual stops to adjusting the acoustics of the virtual "room" in which the organ is placed.

Hauptwerk sample sets can vary in size and complexity, from small, single-manual organs to large, multi-manual cathedral organs with hundreds of stops. The quality and realism of the sound depend on the quality of the samples and the technology used to play them back. Leonart Studio sells only the highest quality of sample sets which contain the original acoustics of specific environments, including detailed mechanical noises (like key clicks and blower sounds) so as to match the realistic experience of playing the actual instrument in real life.